about Valente

Valente Bosch is an established Film Maker with a strong sense of visual mastery both in Commercials, Corporate and Feature Films. Being driven by the idea that good visual story telling is a powerful medium to educate, entertain and inspire action, he believes that it takes all of us; the private, public and social enterprise sectors to bring about positive change wherever we are in this world.

our Services

We create videos with some amazing Non-profit organizations, Tech startups, Agencies, the Corporate sector and Production Companies. We have a strong sense of camaraderie and would want to work with you too.


"You are an expert at what you do. You make the world a better place."


While you have an amazing story to tell, sometimes you need a little help realizing the best way to tell it. Together, we will produce engaging Multimedia Content that connects with and activates your audience. Whether it be for the big screen or the little screen, our goal is to listen to your story, nurture it and create that amazing video/film or interactive piece that brings it to life.


If you have a project or an idea you'de like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you.